2016 Demos

by Genevieves

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released July 8, 2016




Genevieves Scranton, Pennsylvania

scranton-wilkes barre dream pawp

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Track Name: Eyelash
tell me something strange
i don't wanna change

following your heart out to the bay
knew it didn't have to be this way

they told me about you
what am i supposed to do

i wanna draw your portrait on the beach
and rip it up before you even see
Track Name: Tragic Boy
you were a tragic boy and i'm a touchy girl
you were a tragic boy and i'm a touchy girl
you said the sweetest things
i let you in my world
if you're a tragic boy then i'm a tragic girl

someday it won't matter if i'm okay
won't make a difference if i get my way
and i can't wait

stop time
i'm thinking winter on the west side
i'm seeing autumn in a new light
and now i'm fine
Track Name: Wet Moss
walked alone at night to your place
i don’t even mind that much
learning not to count on midnight plans

you say i can sit with you
but i don’t even feel your touch
guess i’ll wait until i dream again

i’m crazy for thinking it could be

every second i’m beside you
crack my knuckles, grind my teeth
starving for an inch of skin to touch

you’re a vision, you’re the moonlight
i am just a girl you know
bitter underneath a searing blush

i’m crazy / for thinking / it could be